Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School Goals! (A month early)

Hey there!  

I'm linking up with I {Heart} Recess to share my goals for Back to School.  I still have a month before I really need to think about this but, that's okay!  So here it is!  I'm hoping if I put them out there, I'll be more apt to follow through with them.  Fingers crossed...

Personal:  Running is cheap therapy.  It helps me de-stress and I come home a happier, more peaceful wife and mommy.  Plus, fall is perfect running weather.  But, it has been very difficult to fit it in lately.  I need to start putting myself first sometimes.  I need to sign up for my next race so I'll be more accountable.  Do I go for the 10K that I've done before and I'm comfortable or take the plunge and go for the half marathon?  Thirteen miles just seems SO long!

Organization: Since I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers over a year ago, I've accumulated so many great resources.  Now, I just need to find a way to organize them better.  

Planning:  I WILL get back to having my lesson plans done before Friday morning for the next week.  Planning is not my forte... I admit it.  But this year, I will be co-teaching part-time with an inclusion teacher so I need to be prepared in advance so modifications and accommodations can be made for our diverse learners.  I want to be able to leave on Friday knowing that I am ready to rock on Monday morning.  

Professional:  I'm probably not alone in this one... If there is a committee to work on at school, I'm usually volunteering to get on it.  I am our school's rep to our local union.  I also served on our contract negotiations team.  I've written curriculum, served on text book selection teams, joined book clubs, and helped out various special events committees.  I need to find balance between home and work and say "no"  (at least some of the time).  

Students: I want to find more ways for my students to use technology on a daily basis.  We don't have iPads at my school, but we are going to have 4 Chromebooks in each classroom.  I'm still working on coming up with ways to utilize these besides just going to websites.  The apps are not as great for elementary school kids as the ones on iPads.  I'm hoping that I will get some great ideas, though.  

My Motto:  Start each day with a smile and make every day a great learning experience.  This is kind of a "duh"  but I do think a great attitude is half the battle.  We all know when we're in a bad mood, we are less patient and our lessons are more inclined to not be as effective.  

Thanks for stopping by!