Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Reader Motivation (FREEBIE) and Something Really Exciting!!!

Hey there!  I just want to start off this post by saying when I started this adventure a few months ago I never imagined that I'd be able to reach so many teachers out there.  So, if you stick with this post until the end... I'll let you know about something special coming up.

First grade is the most rewarding grade, in my opinion (no offense to anyone who disagrees) because there is such a range of readers and the kids make such dramatic progress every year.  One of the most motivating things I have done in my class is put chapter books "off limits" unless... students earn a Chapter Book License.

There's something about the allure of a book with lots of pages, few pictures, and the exciting break down of a story into chapters that makes students very motivated to become stronger and stronger readers.  Most of the beginner chapter books in my classroom library are Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Cam Jansen, etc. type books.  They tend to be at about L-N in guided reading levels (which is what my school uses to assess reading levels).  So, when students are independent on level J they earn their coveted Chapter Book License... meaning they can choose a chapter book to put in their independent book bag for Read to Self.

In the past years (before I discovered fancy fonts and cute clip arts), I simply cut a piece of construction paper and wrote Chapter Book License on the front and their name on the back.  The kids didn't have a problem with it but... it was BORING!!  So this summer I created a new and improved Chapter Book License.  Just print, write the child's name, and laminate.  You have an adorable reading incentive!   Check it out.  Just click on the image below to get it.  I've made several different prints so there's one for everyone.

So onto the exciting stuff!  This little blog has begun to really take off and I am SO appreciative of all of my followers.  Only one or two of you, I actually know in the real world, so it's quite an honor that I feel like so many of you are friends.  

So it's a tradition in Bloggyland that when your blog hits milestones, you throw a celebration (which tend to include giveaways and prizes).  Who doesn't love getting gifts as a part of someone else's celebration??   I'm nearing the milestone of 100 followers and so is my good friend Tiffany at One Fab Teacher.  Look for something exciting coming soon as that number approaches!!!  The sooner we get there, the sooner the celebration happens so don't forget to follow this little blog on Bloglovin' and check out One Fab Teacher and follow Tiffany if you haven't already.  If any other blogger is interested in donating to our celebration, please let us know!  Thanks for stopping by!