Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday and NEW Freebie on Facebook!

Hey there everyone!  I'm so excited to share some new creations with you all.  The official First Grade Hugs and High Fives Facebook and Pinterest pages are up and running.  To celebrate, I'm offering a FREEBIE available only to my wonderful new Facebook fans.  Check out my new buttons on the right sidebar.  The first is for Bloglovin.  If you aren't following my blog on Bloglovin yet, click on that heart and join up with me.  The second button is to visit my Facebook page, where you can get your FREEBIE, simply by liking the page.  Look for the "Fans Only" tab!  The last icon is for my Pinterest page.  Please follow me on there, too.  I'm looking forward to pinning up a storm with tons of great ideas for school and home!

That's the perfect introduction to my first link up with Cara from First Grade Parade.  Who doesn't LOVE pinterest???  Personally, I think this e-card says it all!

So here we go!  Check out my Favorite Pins!

Just click on any of the pictures to get to the pin.

This is ingenious and so simple (aren't those ideas the best?)!  If you are like me, your students have multiple consumable workbooks.  It always takes much longer than I think it should for 20 six year olds to locate the correct workbook for the assignment I want them to do.  The original pin suggests that you use a fat marker to mark the outside edges of the pages.  Use a different color for each book, that way you can say, "Take out your math workbook- the one with the Red stripe."  I definitely plan to implement this clever technique this year.  

For years, I've used the two cup system.  It worked just fine, but I have a small drawer organizer that I'm not using for anything right now and I think I'm going to repurpose it for this.  I think it looks neater and inevitably someone always knocked the cups over at least once a week.  

I found these timers last year and my kids and I loved them.  It was easy to project them on the smart board and everyone could see how much time was left.  

Thank you so much to Kristi at Ms Fultz's Corner for her wonderful You Tube tutorials for improving your blog.  If you haven't checked them out,  you should.  She makes it easy for you to make your blog and other social media components look great!!! 

I've seen so many of you posting about the wonderful planners you have purchased.  I'm sure they are fabulous, but I'm excited to share another alternative.  Check out this planner from April at A Modern Teacher.  I love that it is editable and I can type my plans into the plan templates.  Plus, it is much more economical than others out there.    

My first baby is my bulldog, Otto.  He's almost ten now (ancient for a bulldog), but I remember him looking like this like it was yesterday... awwwww!!

I just thought this was fun and oh, so true in my house!

This is "crack bread" named that because it is more addictive than the aforementioned.  I have made it for many parties and get togethers and it always gets rave reviews.  I think I gain 10 pounds every time I make it.  But, man is it worth it!

I've had this pinned for over a year and yet every time I go back and read it, I get fooled all over again.  Guess I'm gullible!!!

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