Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Currently and Blog Design Giveaway

I'm taking advantage of a quiet moment in my crazy house to post my July Currently.  On the first of every month, Farley over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade hosts a really fun linky.  It's a great chance to get to know other bloggers.  After you read my post, hop over to hers to find some other great teacher blogs to check out.


My oldest got the video game Skylanders Giants for his birthday in May.  Yes, I realize it's important to unplug and not let my kids' brains turn to mush in the summertime.  But the weather has been miserable here for days.  When it's not raining, the humidity is dis-gust-ing!  And my boys fight and annoy each other to no end... but, not when they are playing Skylanders.  And sometimes this mama needs a little peace.  So yes, I let them play... maybe more than I should, don't judge!


We are loving summer break!  It's been a little over a week since summer began for us.  I'm reading so many blogs where you all are thinking summer is going too fast and you're getting ready to go back.   Nanny nanny boo boo!  Finally, some paybacks for all your postings about summer when I was still sweating it out in my 90 degree classroom in June!  I tease you all with love!


I wrote my currently earlier this morning and am plugging it into the post now... So what did we do?  We drove down to Camden, NJ to visit the Adventure Aquarium.  This photo is of two of our favorite residents of the aquarium, Buttons and Jenny.  My boys are crazy about sea creatures so this day trip never gets old.  The weather is calling for at least two more rainy days.  I'm running out of ideas.  My boys LOVE to be outside so I know they have cabin fever as bad as I do.  


I think you already know where I stand on this one.  Rain, rain, go away!


I'm going to be running a Mud Run- The Merrell Down and Dirty- in Philly in a few weeks and it has been a challenge to get my runs in on a regular basis.  This is a photo of me and some of my coworkers at the run last year.  We are such "dirty teachers."  Between the weather and my husband not being around to watch the kids while I have my time, it's been hard.  My hubs is getting ready to open a new business in October (a beer brewery) and the construction has been very time consuming.  I am REALLY hoping all of the investment pays off!

Tips, Tricks or Hints

Since, I've only been blogging for a few months but I've been a blog follower for years.  One of the things I enjoyed reading were the random posts (like this) balanced with plugs for products and teaching tips and ideas.  It's nice to connect with other teacher bloggers in personal ways and helps with a feeling of camaraderie.  I also like to read blogs that make me laugh so I try to write the way I'd talk and hopefully it's entertaining, at least some of the time.  I think one of my favorite blogs to read for entertainment (she's freakin' hilarious) is Kristin- The Teeny Tiny Teacher!  If you've never read her blog, you have to (plus we are fellow Bachelor Fans).

One of my first bloggy follower friends was Barbara from Ruby Slipper Blog Designs.  She designs the most beautiful blogs.  My design is "learn as you go", by me.  It's definitely primitive but all done by me, so I'm proud of it.  I have some ADHD tendencies when it comes to my interests.  I tend to be gung-ho for a few months and then something new comes along and pulls me away from my hobby.  I promised myself that I would treat myself to a fabulous, professionally done blog design if I stick with blogging often through October.  But, Barbara is having a blog design giveaway.  I'm entering and so should you!

Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Hop on over to her blog to enter yourself and best of luck to all of us!  Thanks for stopping by!