Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sometimes You Just Want to Run Away!

Seven more days...  I'm not counting down the days... I'm stressing about the number of things I still need to do in not enough time.  Aside from the norm (end of the year benchmarks, report cards, cummulative folders, class lists, supply orders), I'm packing to move classrooms for the first time in ten years.  I know... some teachers move much more frequently and it's not that big of a deal.  But in my district, teachers generally stay-put unless they request a move.  I have the opportunity to move down the hall to a larger classrooms with built in shelves and more storage.  One of my colleagues lost her job due to decreased enrollment and I jumped at the chance to move to her room... I know... talk about jumping in her grave... I'm trying not to make her feel like I'm kicking her out.  It's just a good opportunity for a change of scenery for me.  

Anyway, I'm stressing over moving all of my personal stuff.  If I wanted to, I could box everything up and the custodial staff would move it for me, but it's only 2 doors away.  It doesn't make sense to box it all up just to unbox it all again in a few months.  Plus, my family has a tradition of going on an end of summer vacation the two weeks before school starts (coincidentally the only 2 weeks in the summer staff is allowed to come in).  I've learned to make it work.  I can set up my classroom during our two inservice days before the kids come.  They are two crazy days... sun up to sun down, but I do it.  I've got in down to a science in my current room but, I've been spending the past couple weeks visualizing how I'm going to set up the new room.  So, the day after the kids finish, I'm going back (WAAAH!!) to move my stuff.  I'll probably put up my bulletin boards, too and cover them to save time in September.    

So for the month of June, we created a June Fun Calendar to make every day left special.  This is similar to the ABCs countdown I've seen posted about.  This isn't an original idea, but I can't remember who's blog inspired it.  (If it's yours, let me know so I can give you credit.) So far, we've had a Dance Party, Bring a Friend Day (students brought a stuffed animal or doll to school), Share About a Special Trip (students brought no more than 3 pictures of a trip they went on to talk about), Field Day, Stinky Feet Day (students could take their shoes off in the classroom), and Guess the Baby Game Day.  We played Guess the Baby today and it was a HUGE hit.  I asked parents to either email me or send a photo of their child as a baby.  I compiled them into a powerpoint and the kids had a ball guessing who was who.  I even threw in a baby picture of me.  Very Fun!  Later this week, we'll be having RRR (Reading, Resting, and Relaxation) Day.  Students will be bringing in a blanket or beach towel to read and relax outside (weather permitting).  And Friday will be the much anticipated Minute to Win It game.  I will be using Reagan's FREE Minute to Win It games.  You can click here to get yourself a set.  I can't wait to see how it all turns out.  I've GOT to remember to take pictures.

So back to the title of this post.  (I think this is probably my most rambly- yeah I think I just made that up- post).  I decided to take my stressed-out self out for a run.  I've posted about my running slogging before.  I took a couple months off because I was having some knee pain, but I signed up for a mud run in July.  I saw the date and panicked, it's like a month away,  AHHHH!  So I got my butt in gear this weekend and am recommitting to my running.  Today I ran my first 5K since February.  It wasn't pretty but I felt better when I got home, more energized... maybe that's why I'm rereading this and thinking, "Anyone who reads this is going to think I need ritalin."  It's the energy from the run, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!  Thanks for stopping by!