Friday, June 14, 2013

Five For Friday!

This is it...My last Friday with my wonderful group of firsties.  We will be done next Thursday!  I haven't cried on a last day in quite a few years but I'm pretty sure I will this year.  So, I'm linking up once again with Kacie from Doodlebugs Teaching for the weekly Five For Friday linky party.  If you are new to blog following, a linky party is a great way to find new blogs, get new ideas, and "meet" new virtual friends.   Click the link for Doodlebugs here to get to the original post and discover something new.

I read random blogs for months wondering what all of the things along the sides really meant.  What the heck is Google Friend Connect, I wondered?  I really don't need more junk email.  Can't I just visit a blog I like once in a while?  Then one day out of curiosity I joined Google.  I'll admit, I'm still not sure how Google + works, but I figured out how to work with Google reader to create a feed of the blogs I began to follow.  Then, I heard the news.  Google Reader is going away as of June 30.  Huh... just when I was feeling comfortable.  Several other more established bloggers started talking about Bloglovin as a replacement for Google Reader.  So I checked it out.  I like it so much better.  First off, you can import the blogs you currently follow to Bloglovin, so you are up and running almost immediately.  Next, there is an app (just iPhone, but Android is coming soon).  So you can catch up on your blog following on the go.  I've been reading the blogs at the doctor's office, the T Ball field, and while traveling (as the passenger, of course).  Check out Bloglovin and I'll bet you'll be a convert, too. 

So without further adieu here are my Five Random Things for Friday....

1.  Last week was my 9th wedding anniversary and the hubs and I headed out on the town in Philly to celebrate.  The boys were camping near Hershey with my parents.  First we hit up, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse... Mmmm, yummiest steak ever.  Then we enjoyed the wonderful weather and took a walk and wound up at BRU- a German Beer Garden.  It was great, but we laughed at ourselves as we were headed home around ten... tired.  Guess we're getting old, hehe!  We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the eerie peace and quite of a house without crazy little boys.  It was restful but I missed my little buggers.

2.  I posted earlier about my June Fun Calendar.  But I didn't have the file with it at home.  So, I'm posting it here.  It has been a big hit.  Some days require more preparation from others but, it has been a lot of fun and has given us something to look forward to on these last days.
3.  Today we played Minute to Win It.  It has been my favorite activity so far!  I was looking all over the internet for ideas to include when I came across Reagan's Free MTWI activities.  (I could almost here the angels singing!)  All I had to do was get some odds and ends to do the activities.  Next year, I would ask the parents if they can help out with donations of various items.  But, the money I spent was well-worth their determined attitudes, shouts of delight, and laughter.  
There She Blows!

Taking a Nose Dive

Our Favorite- Face the Cookie

Breakfast Scramble

Go Fishing

We even had to get in some fun with teachers after school!  Great stress relief, by the way!

4.  My oldest son had his last day of kindergarten today and came home with his First Grade Supply list.  I knew it was coming but it means he's even less of my baby.  And he's a first grader, just like mommy!  Uh oh... I have always tried not to be "that teacher mom."  I understand what it's like to make mistakes in grading and have lessons that don't go as planned.  But being a first grade teacher, I hope I can reign in my judgement and remember she (or he) is not me and will not do everything like I do.  (But she (or he) should--- just kidding!)  

5.  I just had to post this because I think it's hilarious (and so true)!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  I'm off to finish up my report cards.  I've been stalling long enough!