Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13- Meet the Teacher

Hey there!  Since I haven't been blogging for too long, this is my first Teacher Week.  This is a great linky party where you can meet more great bloggers.  

There is a great schedule of linkys.  I'm going to be perfectly honest...  I will not be linking up every day.  Many of you are going back this week or have been back to school for a bit, but my school year doesn't start until September 3rd for teachers and September 5th for students.  I'm actually getting ready to go on vacay with my family next week for two weeks.  You may have done the math... There are only three more weeks until September... "When does she set up her classroom?" you ask.  I don't know how I do it, but I work like a maniac between in-services and meetings those first two days.  I stay until dark, but I get it done.  Going away those last two weeks are not my choice.  My husband's family has been going to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC) for many years for the last two weeks of August and the traditional has continued.  Since I am only one person who it inconviences, I can't expect everything to change to make my life easier.  So... I find ways to make it work.  That's a topic for another day...

So here's the schedule of great linkys, go to Bloghoppin' to link up or check out other great blogs.

Since, I have recently added many new followers, this is probably a great time to participate in this linky, so you all can get to know me better... So without further adieu...

1. I am getting ready to start my 12th year teaching.  When I started my career, I spent a year in third grade.  But, I've been in first grade ever since.  

2. My mom was always my best inspiration to become a teacher.  She retired a few years ago after teaching for 37 years.  Actually in my family, there's no other career path.  Everyone becomes a teacher.  My father taught for a few years at a catholic school.  My grandmother also taught for years.  My older sister teaches high school math and her husband teaching high school science.  My younger sister tried to buck the family tradition.  As a teenager she actually said, "I'm not going to be a teacher!  I'm going to do something where I use my brain!"  GASP!!! I was in my first or second year of teaching and I wanted to slap her.  I got over it and she caved after two years in nursing school and changed her major to Health and PE.  Haha, couldn't resist it.... we are a family of teachers!  

3. I married my best friend 9 years ago.  We met when I was in college and it was love by third date.  He's a great husband and even more incredible dad!

I wish I had a digital version of our wedding pictures, but my scanner is on the fritz and our wedding was before digital became the only way.  I'm not really that tall and he's not really that short, LOL!  I am taller but I think it's a combo of small heels and the camera angle that make me look like the Jolly Green Giant and him like a Oompa Loompa.

4. We have two wonderful and crazy little boys.  K is starting 1st grade this year (I'm so nervous about being in the same grade.)  L is going to nursery school two mornings a week.  

5. My first son is my fur baby Otto.  He's an english bulldog who is such a lover.  He just turned ten.  We got him right before we got married.  

6. I love bad TV and juicy dramas.  I always say, "Separate TVs make for a happy marriage." My hubby and I disagree on what great entertainment is.  How does he not see the intellectual value of The Bachelor, Dancing with The Stars, Glee, and Scandal?  

7. I may have a mild addiction to Diet Pepsi.  I saw this and had to pin it.  I just wish I knew how to cross out Coke and replace it with Pepsi.

8. I love, love, love Target.  Who doesn't?  Where else can you grocery shop, buy cute clothes, and shop in the dollar spot for cute, cheap stuff for school.  I have to resist the urge to go more than once a week.

9. I love doing Zumba.  It is the first workout I have stuck with for over a year continuously.  It is so much fun and the time just flies.

10. If you have not participated in the giveaway that I'm hosting right now with Tiffany of One Fab Teacher, you have to click here to check it out.  You could win a great prize pack!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!