Friday, August 9, 2013

Five For Friday! Giveaway and a Sale!

Hey there!  It's Friday! (Haha, I didn't even realize it was until I saw all of the Five For Friday posts going up- gotta love summertime!)  Anyway... I'm linking up with Kacie from Doodlebugs Teaching to share five random things from my week.  

1. Do you have a great group of co-workers who help you stay motivated and make it fun to come to work?  Besides a wonderful group of current co-workers, I need to acknowledge my first teaching family.  When I started my career 12 years ago. I worked as a classroom aide in our district's third grade team.  Within just a few days, I realized that this group of women would become my friends for life.  I got hired as a third grade teacher the following year and was officially "in."  No one in our little group  actually works together anymore.  We've all gone separate ways... some have retired, some have stayed home to raise children, and the rest of us have moved around grade levels.  But even though our work experiences may have changed, our friendships have remained strong.

So every summer we get together at Mrs. T's home on the Barnegat Bay with all of our kids.  I don't know about you but whenever teachers plan a party... it's organized, packed with fun, and has a dash of learning!  One of our fun activities was to create an obstacle course.  We made our course down the street at her neighborhood beach club.  Each family brought one or two items to add to the course.  The kids had a ball!

Then we headed back to the house to enjoy the pool.  We had a grilled cheese bar.  My favorite was grilled ham and cheddar cheese with apple slices... mmmm good!  Never would have thought of that combo myself!

Our annual get together is one of the highlights of our summer.  I hope you all have had the opportunity to work with amazing and inspiration teachers, like I have.  It makes going to work even more fun!

2. We are counting down to the end of summer.  Our last hurrah is a vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina so, the boys and I are spending the last two weeks before vacation doing "one lasts".  We went to Sesame Place and Six Flags Great Adventure.  I'm hoping to get in a trip to the Philadephia Zoo and the NJ State Planetarium next week before we go away.  This week, the boys and I took a quick camping trip.  My parents have a travel trailer and we met them for a few days of camping fun.  We visited Crystal Cave in Kutztown, Pa.  My oldest is very into rocks and crystals so this was a perfect trip for him.  They loved seeing all of the cool formations.  My little guy was just looking for Batman the whole time, since he heard there were bats that lived in the cave.  

3.  I don't know why I didn't do this sooner... I uploaded all of my learning CDs onto my iTunes account and now I have MP3s of them that I can play through my computer and SmartBoard.  I'm working on making some pages for my SmartBoard that I can use as a Jukebox.  When I get that done, I'll share how I did it, in case anyone else is making the transition away away from CDs.  (Confession... I just gave away the last of my cassette tapes at the end of this year.)  Not sure why I was hanging on to them, but I did part with them... you can put off the call to "Hoarders"... for now!  

4.  My district adopted Houghton Mifflin's Journeys Program two years ago and I hand wrote all of my word wall cards... until this year.  I created word cards specifically to match this program.  Since, I posted my first few, I've gotten a few requests for specific backgrounds.  This is my newest creation... it's basic and goes with any classroom decor.  Each card is on a plain black chalkboard background.  The frames are without fussy borders and the font is traditional penmanship.  I also included several editable pages, so the user can add any other words they wish.  You can check it out in my TPT store.  

5. Finally... the big day has arrived.  Tiffany of One Fab Teacher and I are hosting our ver first giveaway to celebrate 100 followers.  We are so excited to giveaway tons of great prizes from us and many of our well-known bloggy buddies.  Click here to see my original post and enter the rafflecopter.

Also to celebrate this big milestone, everything in my TPT store is on sale for this weekend.  Stop by and check it out!  Thanks for stopping by!