Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Down and out... but still feeling appreciated!

Hey there!  Sorry for disappearing for so long.  Like so many others of you out there, I have been juggling far too many balls.  I'm taking back the teaching reins from my student teacher, directing the first grade play, planning and coordinating our field trip, planning a graduation party for my students to throw for our student teacher, serving on our school district's negotiation team, and planning a small family birthday party for my own little super hero's 3rd birthday.  Whew... just typing that exhausted me!  So it's no wonder when I got hit with being sick... but not just any sickness... the dreaded strep throat!  Strep and I have had a hate/hate relationship for years.  I even had it on my wedding day... yup!  Anyway... I've been stuck at home for the past few days waiting for the antibiotics to fight this off!  

So now what's a girl to do... shop!  And it's perfect timing!  TPT is offering their Teacher Appreciation Sale.  Most items are up to 28% off.  Use the code TAD13 at check out.  I'm enjoying the fabulous discount stocking up for the end of this year and beginning of next year.  I'm also celebrating the sale of my very first paid item on TPT.  YAY!!!  I wish I had the time to make more and buy less.  But clicking is much faster than creating.   

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all of you!