Friday, April 19, 2013

Hoping on the state blogger bandwagon

It's been just about a month since a started blogging and I keep seeing these cute little state pictures on other bloggers sidebars.  I thought about how cool it was to see where all other bloggers are from.  I'm really learning how cool blogging is for networking possibilities.  It's so neat to be learning for teachers all across the country and beyond.  
So I've added my state button!  I admit I had to debate which state to pick.  I'm a Jersey girl at heart.  I was born and raised in Jersey.  I teach in Jersey, but I've been living in Pennsylvania for 12 years.  After giving it some thought, I went with my roots and where I actually work.  So I guess I'm officially a New Jersey blogger.  
If you haven't already done so, link up with Fifth in the Middle and get your state blog button.  It's also a great way to hook up with other bloggers in your area.
On an unrelated note, I've been glued to the TV tonight watching the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bomber and am so relieved to read that the good guys have prevailed.  God bless the USA!