Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Days of School and Classroom Pics!

Whew!  I. Am. Exhausted!  What a week!  I got home from our vacation last Sunday, set up my classroom in record time and started school with a new bunch of firsties.  Tired doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.  I know, I know... preaching to the choir!

Anyway... I went in on Tuesday after Labor Day for our first in-service day.  All of my colleagues had already been in while I was on vacation.  (We are only allowed in during the last two weeks of August and coincidentally, that's when my family takes our vacation.  So I'm left with no choice but to bust my butt two days before the kids come to get it done.)  So I unlock my classroom door expecting to find everything similar to where I left it in June.  (You may remember I came in to set up my new classroom a bit in June.  I put up some bulletin boards and covered them and arranged the furniture.  I actually asked the custodians if I should take pictures of how I wanted it so that they could arrange it, but they told me not to worry they would.)  To my surprise... it wasn't.  I screamed a little in my head, set my boxes down and headed to our upper elementary school for a day of stimulating in-service, wink!  

This is what I arrived to see, Ahhhhhh!

So I arrived back to my school a bit after 3:30 to begin to tackle my room.  I worked until 8pm that night and again until 7pm the next day and these are pictures of the finished project.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  I want to also give a thank you shout out to my mom!  I couldn't have done it without her!   (Please excuse the quality of the photos.  I'm not a great iPhone photographer.)

View from the door of the front of my classroom featuring my SmartBoard and my main teaching area. My desk is on the far side.  ( We are required to have our teacher's desks directly across from our door at the front of our classroom for technology reasons.)

A view from the door of the rest of my classroom.  

A closer view of the front window side of my classroom.  I love my animal print alphabet and number cards.  The alphabet cards are from my TPT store.  The number cards are from Peterson's Pad.

The front door side of the classroom with calendar, rules and schedule cards.  My How We Go Home clip chart is on the side of the cabinet, next to the door.

The back inside corner with lots of storage.  I need to put some curtains or something up to hide it, though because looking at the boxes is driving me nuts.  My behavior clip chart is on the closet door, too.  I'm loving my horseshoe shaped table-- never had one before!

Another shot of the back corner.  

The computer center- 2 laptops and 4 Chromebooks (I had one with me at training.)  The black wall above is our future word wall.

My classroom library... loving my great built in bookcases, too.

My desk area.

My desk- those that know me, note the lack of desk clutter!  Four days in and it still looks like this!  Woo hoo!  The pocket chart has daily objective on it.  

A closer view of the rules posters and schedule cards.

 A view of my door from the hall.  New rules per our wonderful fire inspector... nothing can be hung on the inside or outside of the door.  So my welcome pennant and student names are behind it when it is open.

So that's the quickie tour of 1G.  I'll post more about our first two days tomorrow... hopefully!  
Thanks for stopping by!